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Their first album 'Go'' released in 2002 was featured as Triple J's album of the week.
Over three years Cartman have evolved into a unique world class
band with a national profile and international airplay.
Their music is described as "brilliant suburban pop with passion,
rock and killer Cartman harmonies" Xpress Mag Nov 2001.
With regular national airplay on Triple J and Cartman are
also heard on Radio One and Xfm in the UK.
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Proof of this is in the listening but cam also be seen by the amount of airplay they received nationally and locally (high rotation on Triple J being a high spot) also in the awards and support they have received from the Perth Music Industry, Media and Public.

Cartman Are:
Joe Hawkins-Vocals-Electirc-Bass And Accoustic Guitar
Cain Turnley-Vocals-Bass-Electric And Accoustic Guitar
Scott Nicholls-Accoustic & Electric Guitar
Ben Mills-Drums And Percussion

The release of the 2nd EP NOBODY has strengthened CARTMANS standing as one of Perth's premier pop bands, after rave reviews across the country and being added to a host of radio stations national and regional (Triple J rotation again), receiving airplay on Radio I UK, FM UK and added to the Radio I web site which gets over 2 million hits a week, plus being nominated for three WAMIs in the 2000 Western Australian music awards and being booked to play three WAMI shows.
Fresh from finishing an eastern states tour where they played with 78 Saab, Even and Snout and appearing on "The Joint" (Channel V, Foxtel) Ground Zero and three times on Triple J and lots of regional radio.
CARTMAN are an Australian band worth watching.
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CARTMAN/kalidescope/spencer tracy JUNE 02
Speaking of bands that have already gone onto bigger and better things, it was nice to see Cartman back in the
Amplifier showing a bit of support for Kaleidoscope. This would ultimately prove to be Kaleidoscope’s downfall,
as the Cartman lads professionally stepped up to the plate and delivered yet another striking performance on a
night where they honestly could have gotten away with playing well below 100%. Such has been the saturation
of Cartman over the airwaves of late, they can comfortably play almost anything off their Go album with the
knowledge that the audience has probably heard it. On a night where crowd interaction was at its lowest,
Cartman happily trudged on without even giving a thought to the fact that this would be the smallest crowd they would have played in front of in a long time.
Thankfully, they probably won’t have to experience that again for a while.
"‘GO!’ is in store now Australia wide through Embryo records and MGM distribution!"

Go! CD Review Issue 10 Of "Blunt"
"An impressive debut selection of sublime pop rock, Go! is the fulfilment of four years and two EPs full of promise.
Maybe is something in the West Australia water supply, but that state is forever producing bands that think nothing
of knocking ip a catchy melody or ten, and Cartman have been an exception.
Starting out with the near perfect pop of "If I", they quickly top themselves with a big single, "Shock", following that up
with "George" just to prove those first two were no flukes.
Including confident re-recordings of old favs "drive" and "Nobody", Go! should be gone out and got.
It's gonna be huge!"

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